Speedo Motoring Pte Ltd started as an small preowned car business and has since then grown multiply over the years from Preowned car business to New Imported car sales and Fleet Management services. It represents a new era of car business with finesse and expertise which stands out in the car management arena.

One of the reasons that Speedo Motoring have been successful is because of the way we valued all of our customers & staff, and being able to extend good credits from our finance companies to nearly all of our customers. The concentration is built on customer service which provide solutions to meet their needs in present day requirements of the 21st century.

We believe in teamwork & fair business practice, both within and with the customers to ensure the best possible solutions and service provided.

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Speedo Motoring is the one stop centre for purchasing your perfect car!

Provide one stop solution for smart car buyer/seller. Offer best car sales package with competitive interest rate and attractive insurance premium. Trade-in available!


A Leading Brand Name in the Automobile Industry


100% Delivery Track Records for More than 10 years 


In-house/Bank Financing,Motor Insurance, Corporate Fleet Managament 
Sales/Purchase and Consignement Services Avaliable!


Delicates and Personalised Sales Individual, always ready to be at your services

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